Dubai South

Development guide

Dubai South is one of the few Dubai areas being explosively developed in recent months and renamed in line with complete district rebranding. After expanding and reconsidering the concept of the Dubai World Central, it was renamed for Dubai South. And now the area is constantly gaining the momentum as one of the main strategic locations in Dubai’s development general master plan.


The main idea of ​​the Dubai South development was to make this mini-city situated near the Al Maktoum International Airport "The center of tomorrow", as the slogan for its promotion campaign says. Today, Dubai South is one of the largest Dubai developments covering over 145 km2. It consists of eight integrated districts: residential, commercial, logistics, aviation, humanitarian, golf center, exhibition area and The Al Maktoum International Airport.

Expo 2020

The main thing worth learning about Dubai South today is that it’s going to host the grandest ever event of the decade, the World Expo 2020. For this purpose, hundreds of thousands of major infrastructure and real estate facilities will be created here, on the territory covering over 300 hectares, in order to later become part of the city’s housing, commercial and business stock after the event will be over. In the run-up to the Expo 2020 Dubai South property enjoys increasing demand, being regarded as one of the best locations for real estate investments now.


Due to its favorable location, Dubai South is directly connected with such important transport and business centers, as the Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali port and business district. Up-to-date multi-modal logistics platform to be created in the area will provide an easy access to other parts of Dubai by all major transportation means. In addition to the convenient road junctions with direct access to the main highways of Dubai and the UAE, Dubai South will be part of the national Etihad Rail system, and the Red Line Dubai Metro extension will link the Expo 2020 site with the airport and all central Dubai attractions. Light monorail system will also connect distant parts of this huge development inside the area.

Projects & Real Estate

Dubai South residential district includes a number of different projects, both for the exhibition and the airport staff, as well as for white collars working in the area. The main thing about residential communities like The Villages, MAG 5 Boulevard and The Pulse, which are already being built here, is that they combine affordable price with high-quality housing. Although, the majority of properties is scheduled for completion no sooner than in 2020, when Expo 2020 is going to take place here. However, it makes these off-plan properties more attractive for investing right now, in the early stages of preparation for the show. And the demand for rents in the area will be guaranteed by 450 000 employers estimated to be working in the next eight commercial clusters of Dubai South.

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