Al Barari

Welcome to Al Barari, the most perfect place on earth. Those lucky enough to belong in this wonderland can expect a life filled with enchantment and beauty, each day more fulfilling than the last. Whether you lie by your pool listening to the fountains and the birds or spend each day at one of the world's finest spas. Whether you explore the dreamlike parklands or wander the specialist craft stores, hobby shops or other niche retail outlets. Even a day at the office is a surreal experience - it's a life of endless wonder. Not since the legendary gardens of the Moors has there been a place that so celebrates the human intrinsic love of nature and beauty. As though surrounding the palace of a great sultan, Al Barari is a delight to the senses and a tribute to the wonders of the planet. Set like a magnificent emerald within the golden desert sands, Al Barari is a sanctuary where man and nature live in harmony, where the flora and bird life of the Arabian Peninsula intertwine with luxurious residences. Cobbled paths and shimmering waterways wind amongst vast Botanical Gardens, past Islamic Perfumed Gardens, Music Parks, open-air theatres and fine organic restaurants. It is a place so tranquil that the silence is only broken by the symphony of life, a soothing melody of birdsong and cascading waterfalls, laughter and age old breezes whispering through the foliage. In this same lavish style, a unique Arabian Boutique Hotel welcomes travelers. Al Barari villas are a holistic storybook Arabian village. Set in the midst of breathtaking botanical parklands, waterfalls tumble into glistening lakes while soothing streams trickle amongst the terraces of the 330 luxury villas. Each has its own splendidly landscaped garden with infinity pool, water features and outdoor massage area. The Spacious 5 to 7 bedroom villas are available in four distinct architectural styles - Acacia, Bromellia, Camellia and Dahlia. Inside and out they are a breathtaking sight o behold.
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