The Opus

a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:2608:"The Opus is commercial tower in the Business Bay district of Dubai which designed by the award winning architect Zaha Hadid. It is a lively and contemporary business focus designed to emerge as the business capital of the region. The area is perfect for a strategic regional or international headquarter for multinationals and even local corporations.

And right at the pulsating core of this bustling community is The Opus; occupying a prestigious island plot that offers it wonderful views of Burj Dubai, the Dancing Tower and the Dubai Financial Market, and stunning waterfront views.

Even with its extravagant façade the building interiors have been particularly designed to give unrivaled time effectiveness for the vertical transportation and an internal space efficient office floor plate with over 87% space efficiency.

Inherent to the design of The Opus is its stunning lighting system. While the floating cube itself will be an striking sight in daytime, the void would come alive at night; activated with impressive lighting and visible from a great distance.

The highest floor which is located above the 50 meter bridge connection between the two towers, will feature all the relaxing and inventive features of Omniyat Properties’ OYSTER idea including a Tranquillity Zone, a beach deck with reflective pool and shaded roof terrace, media zone and a gym.

Each of the towers starting from the lobby has its own core. The towers will be serviced by one concentrated core. Service lifts are provided for both towers as are contemporarily designed communal restrooms and small pantry facilities for each tower.

In addition, vertical mini atriums can be carved out between the edges of the slab and the façade, which would make for interesting niches or efficient connectivity between floors. A generous amount of powerful elevators working at optimal speeds will convey office goers to their desired flows efficiently and in style.

The interior of the void is clad with a fully engineered curved glass curtain wall system to allow for stunning views into the void, while providing visual privacy from views from other offices. It provides floor plates with a stunning variety of internal and external views, which include The Burj Tower to the East and The Signature Towers to the South.

The Opus’ unique design, which is located on its own island site, gives us an impression of a glowing cube hanging over the ground. While it appears as a united mass, the cube is in fact three towers combined creatively to give a awareness of a singular joined whole.
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