Al Fattan Marine Towers

Al Fattan Marine Towers project is a complex of two 50-story twin towers, the Al Fattan Tower and the Oasis Beach Tower located among 40 other fabulous skyscrapers of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) neighborhood in Dubai Marina.

These two unique buildings are the highest among the JBR high-rises. The height of each of them is 245 meters (with the antenna spire). Initially, this grandeur development was meant to have a 97-storey Burj Al Fattan tower, but later it was decided to divide a single large-scale construction into two smaller buildings. That’s how these two magnificent skyscrapers appeared here in 2006.

UAE-famous Norr Consultants architect firm was the designer behind the project made of colored glass, concrete and steel, and embodying the spirit of modernism. Silver and turquoise colors used for Al Fattan Marine Towers facade decoration seamlessly blend with the surrounding seaside scenery, while outlining the towers against the backdrop of other neighboring massive structures and giving them the impression of lightness despite impressive dimensions. Meanwhile, the dimensions of the complex do really impress. Two high-rise buildings and a 12-storey commercial block adjacent to them occupy an entire site area of 94,000sq ft and the built up area for both towers is 1,883,000sq ft.

Al Fattan Marine Towers house 94 two-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 2,200sq ft, 47 three-bed apartments averaging 2,800sq ft, and 47 four-bed apartments averaging 3,800sq ft, as well as some more duplexes and penthouses. Most of the apartments have an additional maid’s room, while classical style interiors are made using only first-class materials for the best quality.

JBR district’s perfect infrastructure leaves no doubt that Al Fattan Marine Towers residents will have everything that can be desired. In addition to shopping, restaurants and promenades at The Walk and The Beach, from here you can easily get to the nearby situated Marina Beach, Skydive Dubai Club and two attraction points for avid golfers — the Montgomerie Golf Course and the Emirates Golf Club.

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