Al Safa 2

Al Safa 2 is one of the two sub communities in a predominantly residential and commercial development of Al Safa, which houses rather affluent residential units between Umm Suqeim Road, Al Wasl Road (D 92) and Sheikh Zayed Road (Е 11). A number of important landmarks, like prestigious international schools Emirates English Speaking School, Jumeirah English Speaking School and Jumeirah Primary School are located here. 

A large shopping center The Oasis Mall is situated nearby. Besides, in both directions along the Sheikh Zayed Road, there are several car dealerships, including Audi and Infiniti Dealer’s shops, a sports complex, an art gallery, a publishing house, offices of large companies and branded stores in close vicinity. And from the other side just one block is separating Al Safa from the Umm Suqeim Road and the beachfront, where Dubai’s popular Kite Beach stretches along, with numerous recreation facilities and cafes, as well as a yacht club and a skate park. Thus, Dubai residents rather living here, or coming here for business and leisure, provide a perfect clientele for any store or business in Al Safa.

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