5 tips to make the right choice when buying a beachfront property in Dubai

The freshness of the sea water, an access to a private beach or investment attractiveness – what to look first at when choosing a seaside home of your dreams?

It won’t be too far from truth to say that really few of us have had an experience of a rather long stay on artificial islands, thus not everybody know all in the intricacies of how these islands are built and maintained. For example, when choosing a villa or an apartment on the Palm Jumeirah, one should put attention that the place, where a house of your dreams is located, would be washed by free flowing sea water. Not all Palm fronds can offer such kind of living advantage. And this is our first tip:

1. Choose a house by the sea, where the water flow is free and unobstructed. The best option is surely the "Crescent" embracing the Palm, which is also a breakwater, with the access to the open sea. There you can pick up an apartment in residential complexes such as, for example, Anantara Residences. The project includes beachfront villas and more than 450 residential apartments with the most desirable views. All apartments are furnished and can be used by owners to stay in, or can be leased up as hospitality units under the Anantara hotel operator’s management.


Not the worst option is also to stay at the Palm’s ‘trunk’, where a large number of high-end residential complexes is already well developed or are being built, like ViceroyOceana Residences, or, say, the Dukes Oceana. The Dukes Oceana provides an access to the Palm gateway to the ‘mainland’ in close proximity, together with all the privileges of a seaside lifestyle. Plus, also mention the fact that Dukes Oceana is still under construction, which means that housing prices there are still lower than the average. And this is apart from the fact, that such projects like Anantara Residences and Dukes Oceana guarantee 10 percent of investment yields per annum in the first 3 to 5 years, depending on the project.


‘E’ and ‘C’ Palm Jumeirah Fronds also provide better free-flowing water. Here you can choose, for instance, from the offers in Palm Views development (Frond ‘C’). As the majority of residential communities on the Palm, it has a comfortable private beach, and here lies our next guiding tip.

2. You’d hardly be happy to come out of your own villa to the beach in the morning and meet some strangers there, would you? In this case, you should pay a special attention to the community maintenance services. Managing company usually monitors the common territories and guarantees that the beaches would stay clean and private without setting up unnecessary fences. By the way, Palm Jumeirah is also one of Dubai areas with the lowest service charges city-wide.


3. “Sunrise, sunset ...” The window view in the beachfront Palm villas, as well as all-day lighting and the opportunity to relax on the beach in the shade or in the sun is determined by the villas orientation with respect to the cardinal directions. Our tip: when choosing a finished villa on one of the Palm fronds, pick up odd number houses if you love to meet the dawn on the beach, and even house numbers if you like to sleep late and prefer long beautiful sunsets.


4. Seaside romance is important, though it’s Dubai and, therefore, buying a property here is also a good investment. When buying a house by the sea in Dubai listen to different opinions, but remember the main basic principle: location is crucial for the property investments. Our tip: choose lived-in and well-developed parts of the coastline, for example, Palm Jumeirah’s ‘trunk’ part. Then the return on investment is guaranteed.


5. Insurance. Living in Dubai is actually quite safe, thus the possibility of occurrence of the insured event is extremely small. But, however, high-end luxury seaside property is a serious investment, which should be properly insured. And among all the beachfront Dubai residential locations Palm Jumeirah is also known for the lowest insurance premiums city-wide.


These bits of advice are only small part of what you should probably know to pick up the best possible option when buying a seaside house, thus don’t hesitate to contact IMEX Real Estate experts if you have any questions left!

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