First Cityscape Global 2015 results

This week Dubai real estate market was guided by the brightest industry event, Cityscape Global 2015 real estate exhibition. Developers flooded the market with new projects before and during the show, and experts and analysts were able to make far-reaching conclusions concerning the future of Dubai's housing market.

Cityscape Global 2015 three-day property show attracted more than 300 companies from 30 countries, including 100 local developers.

Residential and hospitality project Meydan One was one of the biggest and most significant projects at the show. Having a total area of 3,671,000 square meters this project is set to become Dubai's number one tourists’ destination and home to 78,000 citizens. However the project was first presented in the beginning of August, and now Cityscape visitors were able to just get more details about it at the company’s stand.

So the analysts were right saying that exhibition this year was relatively "quiet". There hasn’t been a monumental unveiling of the Mall of the World size. Instead, it has been more about “affordable homes as the luxury sector takes a buffeting from economic headwinds”, experts say. However, the footfall at the actual event this year is a reasonable barometer indicating that end buyers and property investors are interested in investing in Dubai real estate.

And yet, Cityscape Global still had a lot of projects capturing imagination, like villas under Bugatti brand by Dubai master developer Damac Properties, with a Bugatti car parked in the center of the house, or The Villages residential property project by Dubai South, who offered a unique rent-to-own property scheme in this project.

In fact, Cityscape Global showed that most of the investors’ and buyers’ focus of interest has now shifted towards affordable housing market segment. Analysts predict a rapid growth of this sector in the second year half.

"Newly launched properties with reasonable price and/or payment plans, and healthy prospective ROI, have been attracting solid investment interest, which will define market movement in the months to come as affordability remains a major driver for sales," said John Stevens, managing director, Asteco. And Savills analytical agency has recently ranked UAE the second in a rating of countries with the most favorable conditions for investments in real estate.

Given these conditions, IMEX Real Estate tried to present the most up-to-date Dubai real estate options while taking part in Cityscape Global 2015. Exhibition visitors’ interest to our stand has once again confirmed the company's strong position in the Dubai property market. IMEX Real Estate participation in Cityscape Global 2015 has brought a number of new important contracts and agreements, both with customers and with potential investors and partners. And the main thing Cityscape Global 2015 will be remembered for is free and dynamic business communication, which is a sign of maturity and stability of any real estate market.

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