5 most desirable and affordable Dubai areas for rent

Experts comment on where to rent the cheapest apartment in Dubai and where the demand is the greatest.

Dubai's Jumeirah Park/Jumeirah Islands and Dubailand topped the list of the most affordable Dubai locations for rent according to MoveSouk and Propertyfinder.

Overall statistics presented by the real estate search portal Propertyfinder and MoveSouk, a home services marketplace, suggests that one-bedroom apartments in these areas are available for rent at USD 17,160 and USD 17,430, respectively, while two-bedroom apartments are leased at an average of USD 21,790 and USD 25,870, respectively.

Next line of the Dubai's most popular areas for rent list goes to less affordable Dubai's Silicon Oasis and Academic City, where one-bedroom apartment can be rented at an average price of USD 21,240 pa and two-bedroom apartments are leased at a price of USD 32,680 pa.

Jebel Ali Village, Gardens and Discovery Gardens are set tight at the third place of the tenants’ top-5 chart for rentals in Dubai. Rentals are almost the same through all these locations and stand for about USD 22,000 to USD 23,150 for one- and two-bedroom apartments, respectively.

Jumeirah Village is also very popular among middle-income tenants putting it to the fourth place in top-5. Rental price tags here are as follows: USD 23,420 for one-bedroom apartment pa and USD 41,670 for a two-bedroom apartment pa.

And finally, Jumeirah Lakes Towers closes the top five. Renting property here falls in a budget of between USD 28,000 for one-bedroom apartments and up to USD 45,420 pa for a two-bedroom apartment.

“Newly developed and growing neighborhoods of Jumeirah Village, Dubailand, Silicon Oasis and Academic City, and Jumeirah Park and Jumeirah Islands are experiencing a positive influx of people versus that of the established neighbourhoods that saw both high move-in rates and high move-out rates,” the companies said.

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