6 new megaprojects to be implemented in Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai recently approved a number of major projects to be handed over in Dubai until 2021. These projects include ‘Vertical Industrial City’ and a giant stairway-to-the-sky-shaped Dubai Steps.
Dubai has it all again to impress the world. Among six projects having received the highest approval there is the ‘Vertical Industrial City’ project of a 280-hectare development encompassing residential, commercial and industrial components, as well as Gulf Safari, a 100-hectare golf complex with a training academy, two hotels, offices and the new multimedia Mohammed Bin Rashid Library. But Dubai Steps is the most interesting among 6 newly approved projects.

The building of Dubai Steps will be shaped as a giant staircase leading straight to the sky. It is positioned as “a cultural and sport project with includes 500 stairs symbolising the challenges and progress of Dubai,” WAM reported.

Two more newly approved projects belong to the commercial and service sectors. The Hardware, Bicycles and Green Building market will be built in Warsan. It will have up to 100 shops and 53 bicycle showrooms on its 11 hectares of territory. The second project of these is an extensive network of sewerage tunnels planned for completion in 2020 by Dubai Municipality. It will render the current 121 pumping stations used across the city obsolete.

All new projects conceived by Dubai Municipality and approved by the Ruler of Dubai will contribute to the plan to make Dubai the greenest world city by 2021. Environmental factors in construction and, mainly, in the operation will represent the main focus of attention for developers. Culture, sport, industry and services – these are the priorities the municipality will be guided with.

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