A contractor chosen for Town Square townhouses construction in Dubai

Gulf Beaver Group to get a contact for construction of budget property in Dubai's Nshama.

Construction of affordable housing in Dubai is moving forward: few days ago the main contractor for the construction of townhouses in the Town Square project in Dubai's Nshama was named.

A local construction firm Gulf Beaver Group was chosen as a contractor, who will build townhouses in Zahra and Hayat residential complexes.

Fred Durie, executive director of the same name developer Nshama, which is engaged in development of the area, said that the selection of prime contractor marks the next step on the way to the timely implementation of all planned construction stages, which will help to deliver the project on time.

Town Square is a low rise residential area with total area of 750-acres, the central square of which, equal in the size to 16 football pitches, is going to be the main link between several residential areas located around it. Town Square residential district is adjacent to the popular Dubai location of Arabian Ranches, and, according to the master plan, will include more than 3,000 townhouses and 18,000 apartments.

Townhouses sales were launched not long ago, and Town Square property was extremely popular among buyers, mostly due to its affordable price of US $ 272,322 for a three bedroom apartment.

Last month, the developer awarded another contract for the construction of apartment buildings in Zahra and Safi residential blocks to a local construction company United Engineering Co (Unec).

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