A new area of focus for Dubai real estate investors revealed

Dubai South to launch apartment sales with prices starting from AED 280,000.

If you are looking for profitable options for investing in Dubai’s residential property with a high lease yields potential, than take a look at something new Dubai developers have for you to offer now.

Dubai South developer announced the soon-to-start residential sales in The Pulse cluster of the Dubai South project, with studios set for sale at a price of AED 280,000. The Pulse will be the first community of the residential complex to be soon followed by the second — The Villages. Residential high-rise buildings will be built along the 70 meters wide boulevard, with six lanes for traffic.

Among residential units to be put on sale first, there are apartments from studios to three-beds, and both two- to four townhouses.

Like many other Dubai’s residential communities, The Pulse and The Villages will be gated communities with their own retail and sports centers, schools, hospitals and mosques. And all the other major spots of the metropolis life will be in close proximity, for Dubai South is actually a huge "aerotropolis", a city within a city, centered around the Al Maktoum International Airport.

The Dubai South project itself is a large-scale urban development with a total area of ​​145 square kilometers having been fully rebranded earlier this year and given its new name of Dubai South (according to its location on the southern edge of the city) instead of Dubai World Central. Apart from the international airport, this "inner city" in Dubai will also include Expo 2020 exhibition site.

Khalifa Al Zaffin, the executive chairman of Dubai South, said that "deep thought, research and study has gone into designing the perfect residential community that is world-class in its offering".

The construction of the first two residential clusters The Pulse and The Village in Dubai South is scheduled for completion as soon as in 2019.

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