A whole new city for 200,000 people to be built in Sharjah

A new project of a US $ 5 billion super-complex Waterfront City to be implemented in the Emirate of Sharjah neighboring with Dubai.

Sharjah Waterfront City, having a total length of over 36 kilometers, will be built on the northern coast of the Emirate of Sharjahand is going to become the biggest waterfront residential community of its kind in the emirate.

Realization of this exceptional major project with a the final cost of US $ 5 to 5.5 billion will be carried out by Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Development Company, with the active support of the emirate’s government.

In total, this new waterfront city will occupy 10 natural islands located off the northern coast of Sharjah, which will be connected by a network of bridges and canals. Sharjah Waterfront City complex is planned to include 200 high-rise mixed-use buildings, 95 apartment buildings, as well as 1100 waterfront and parkside villas, yacht clubs, shopping malls and to have all the necessary social infrastructure for its residents, including banks, schools, restaurants, cafes and shops.

Among the variety of real estate projects to be launched here there are luxury, but affordable hotel apartments, multi-level hotels, apartments, townhouses and villas, which will accommodate up to 200, 000 inhabitants after the completion of the complex.

Waterfront City is also to have a 1.5 million square feet 'Crystal Lagoon' water park as one of its main landmarks and attractions, which will help to implement the strategy adopted by the government of Sharjah to attract 10 million tourists a year. Besides this, 60% of the new city is planned to be devoted to green spaces and recreation areas, including beaches, parks and gardens.

Sharjah Waterfront City official presentation will take place at the Cityscape Global exhibition, which is to be held in Dubai in September, and the construction of the project’s first phase, including mixed-use towers, villas, hotels and shopping centers, is planned to be finished in 2018 third quarter.

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