Buyers for Town Square development queue up overnight

Potential investors were left disappointed after waiting in line for hours to get first pick at the Town House development since they were told only 10 villas would be sale on that day.

Hundreds of people queued overnight to buy the first villas at Nshama’s Town Square scheme in Dubai. However, many were left disappointed after being told in the morning that only 10 villas would be released for sale that day.

An estimated 500 people waited for more than 13 hours outside the sales office in Downtown Dubai for the 7am launch on Saturday, the National reported.

Prices for three-bedroom units at the new villa community near Arabian Ranches start at just under AED1 million, according to the newspaper, while a two-bedroom apartment was being marketed for AED703,988 and a one-bedroom for AED503,988.

Prospective buyers had been attracted by the relatively low prices of residential units at the scheme, which is expected to complete by 2017. But they told of their frustration at being “misled” once they discovered only 10 villas would be sold on the day of the launch.

One estate agent, Anant Rastogi, who had clients waiting since 5.30am yesterday, was quoted as saying: “First they said it was 60 then 46 and then today 10. There were probably 500 people in line then and it was chaotic.”

He added: “We haven’t been given any information and are finding out from people who are coming out. The only things available now are the apartments ... being in the queue for most people has been a complete waste of time.

A spokesperson for Nshama was quoted as saying: “We received [an] overwhelming response for the Town Square sales [on Saturday]. We will continue to launch townhouses and apartments in the coming period.”

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