Capturing Bollywood magic in a theme park

The possibilities are endless for a Bollywood theme park, according to Raed Al Nuaimi, CEO of Dubai Parks and Resorts. Bollywood is a big part of the lives of many UAE residents and soon they may be able to see some of the most colourful aspects of the industry in a brick-and-mortar themed destination, according to Gulf News.
Raed Al Nuaimi, CEO of Dubai Parks and Resorts, believes the formula exists to make such a transition work. “There are an estimated three billion Bollywood fans who live within a four-hour flight’s radius from Dubai,” said Al Nuaimi, who is himself quite a follower of Bollywood, having watched the biggest blockbuster ‘Sholay’ quite a few times. “If a Bollywood themed destination has not been attempted before, it does not mean it cannot be. Studios in the West have had themes from their movies translated into physical attractions, and successfully too. We intend to do the same with Bollywood."
“We have confirmed working relationships with some of the biggest names in the trade such as Shahrukh (Khan), Aamir (Khan), Salman (Khan), Hrithik (Roshan) and Farhan Akthar, and the businesses they are associated with. There will be superhero attractions (Ra One) and live entertainment at a stand-alone theatre in Dubai."
“We will not stop with having just a few concepts to bring out what people expect from a Bollywood theme park. The possibilities are endless, more so because we are building from scratch.”

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