Cityscape even bigger and better than before

The property exhibition — the largest of its kind in the region — is marking its 13th anniversary and will be the largest in scale since 2008. The number of companies showcasing property at this year’s Cityscape has increased by a quarter on last year, according to The National.
More than 280 exhibitors will be present, according to the event organiser Informa — a 25.5% increase on the 223 which rented stands a year ago.
Informa said that this year’s exhibition will also take up 24% more space than the previous year with exhibitors filling 31,000 square metres of the Dubai World Trade Centre halls rather than the 25,000 sq metres of a year ago.
The news comes despite reports that property price growth in the emirate is slowing.
The number of visitors Informa expects to attend the show is also set to increase from 32,500 last year to more than 35,000 in 2014.
The growth means that on whatever basis you measure it, the show — the 13th in its history — will be the largest for five years.
“We are seeing a healthy increase in all the key indicators compared with last year,” said Wouter Molman, the director of Cityscape Group.
“There is no doubt that price growth in the first half of 2014 has been less than that of 2013, but we think that is a good thing because the previous growth levels were unsustainable. Certainly there has been an increase in the people wanting to take stands at Cityscape and we currently have a waiting list of people wanting to take space,” he added.

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