Construction workers stage protest

The strike was dispersed within an hour with authorities saying the pay dispute had been resolved.

Authorities in Dubai on Tuesday said a pay dispute between hundreds of construction workers and their employer has been resolved after a rare strike.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the strike was dispersed by Dubai police within an hour on Tuesday morning. It was one of the most public demonstrations in recent years by workers in the UAE, which bans both workers’ unions and protesting in public areas.

Hundreds of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers ripped down corrugated iron fences at a major real-estate development and spilled into the street during rush hour near the Dubai Mall, a popular tourist spot in the heart of the city. The actual site where the labourers were working is being developed by Emaar Properties and will be a three-tower complex near the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, according to the developer’s website.

In response to the strike, Emaar said its construction contractors follow international “industry best practices” and local government regulations.

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