Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the middle of the most expensive cities to live list

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the center of business and social life, recognized as the most affordable cities to live in in the region of Middle East and Asia.

According to Numbeo, a portal, regarding itself as the world's largest users database on the cost of living in different cities around the world, claims Dubai and Abu Dhabi to be the most affordable cities to live in in the region, Emirates 24|7 cites.

Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index for different cities around the world is based on a number of parameters of goods and services value, including property rentals, food, clothing expense, entertainment, travel, etc. And, according to the latest mid-2015 Cost of Living Index, Dubai ranked at 212 among 517 other cities in the world, evaluated by Numbeo. Abu Dhabi’s got the 278 ranking, and the Emirate of Sharjah — 280th.

Most of the other cities, attracting a large number of expatriates, rank much higher in the list of the most expensive world cities to live in. London is ranked as 18th, New York as 20th, and Hong Kong is ranked 123rd in the list.

Property rentals still remain one of the most significant items of Dubai’s expenditure. Due to that, another analyst Mercer's last month put Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the 23th and 33th positions respectively in its own cost of living rating. However, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are still not even in the first hundred of the first rating nor in the top ten of the second rating, remaining the most affordable cities to live in in the Middle East.

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