Dubai authorities to provide complete fire safety in skyscrapers


After several fires in Dubai Marina, emirate’s authorities have doubled their vigilance about fire safety and inspected all the old buildings for fire protection. Fines and replacement of combustible finishing materials will add security to skyscrapers.

From big fines to fire safety drills and inspections: management companies in residential towers and communities together with Dubai authorities strive to inform residents about fire safety, but rigorous supervision over new, more stringent fire safety rules compliance by developers is in the first place. After several fires in Dubai Marina, Dubai seeks to completely eliminate the danger of fires in high-rises and protect residents against the recurrence of such cases.

In most skyscrapers, a complete replacement of combustible materials used in the external finishing is carried out, together with strict bans and imposing fines for barbecue and shisha on balconies and in other places not intended for this purpose have been introduced. Penalties reach the AED 200 for smoking shisha.

In some buildings in Business Bay, areas of Barsha Heights and JLT, residents received notifications of bans, including smoking in elevators, corridors and in closed parking.

Since 2015, the frequency of fire safety inspections in Dubai high-rise buildings has increased in accordance with the updated fire safety code released earlier this year. During mock fire drills, firefighting teams ensured the evacuation of all residents, while inspections focused on identifying violations in the use of fire exits, stairwell pressurisation fans, fire alarms, firefighting systems, elevators, emergency lighting systems with immediate actions taken to close the gaps.

The Deyaar Owners’ Association Management, which manages the developer’s buildings in the emirates, said it also conducts its own firefighting drills in residential and commercial buildings along with Dubai Civil Defense, and plans to conduct another 327 inspections in Dubai buildings with the help of a special team of fire safety engineers before the end of the year.

In terms of fire safety newer Dubai buildings undoubtedly have an obvious advantage, having been built in full compliance with the new requirements for fire safety. And both, paradoxically, those older buildings, where incidents with fires have already occurred, are too the most fire safe buildings to live in, due to fire safety brought to the almost highest perfection level there, as, for example, in The Torch tower in Dubai Marina.

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