Dubai Canal to transform city center

Developers revealed their plans for developments along Dubai Canal.

New large-scale projects that are about to transform the urban matrix of Dubai keep taking shape in the emirate. Recently, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has inspected the construction site of one of these projects, the Dubai Canal and developers told him about real estate projects and infrastructure units planned to be developed on its banks.

The area under construction along Dubai Canal is nearly 4.7 million square meters. Here it is planned to build 5345 residential units and 948 hospitality units.

Construction will affect areas such as the Dubai Gate Towers, Jumeirah, and Peninsula (Beach). One of the bridges at the entrance of the Canal, Bridge Gate Towers will be a three-leveled structure with 434 shops and restaurants, covering 300,000 square meters. The roof of the complex is designed as a green park that will optically connect it to the greenery of Al Safa Park. Gate Towers area development also includes the construction of a five-star hotel, hotel apartments and four residential buildings with 1140 apartments.

211,200 residential and commercial units, including shops and restaurants, will be built on the banks of the Dubai Canal in total. An artificial peninsula will be formed in the Canal’s delta adding more than a kilometer of beaches to the existing coastline in Jumeirah Beach Park.

The Dubai Canal development project adds attractiveness to the central Dubai and also creates new opportunities for luxury real estate construction in this area, where it is not easy to find free land plots available for construction. Thanks to this project Marina area will have another 1817 residential units, 957 hotel rooms and 347 shops and restaurants, and also 60 marinas.

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