Dubai Land Department to create a single database for all Dubai real estate units

DLD aims to make it easier for landlords and tenants to count the size of service charges, as well as the potential rental income.

Dubai Land Department is currently collecting the detailed statistics on all existing buildings in the emirate in order to make it easier counting rental increase and service charges in the coming years.

In a statement DLD issued recently it is said that the body will use more sophisticated technology to overhaul the basic principles of buildings classification.

To create a complete electronic register of all existing properties, DLD experts have examined and assessed more than 20,000 of land plots and more than 120,000 of apartments, offices, commercial premises, schools and public institutions, using the so-called Building Classification System (BCS).

The statement from DLD said: “The ultimate aim of the project is to ensure a smoother user experience for the Ejari system as well a more detailed calculation method for rental and service charge increases as mandated by the law.

“The department is constantly striving to improve its services and streamline customer procedures by introducing intelligent and sophisticated systems, combined with field work."

The creation of a database will be followed by awarding a star rating to all buildings to help property buyers and tenants easily navigate in Dubai’s real estate quality, and landlords — to calculate the possible rent increase.

“We anticipate that these efforts will support the Dubai 2021 vision and ensure a smooth delivery of land classifications,” said the statement.

This step made by DLD is just another initiative to smoother the processes in the field of real estate registration. As previously reported, DLD has recently released an application for smartphones called "Smart judge" helping resolve disputes in the rental area. And before that, Dubai real estate registration agency (RERA) had implemented a now successfully operating rental calculator to calculate the permitted increase in the rental cost. The calculator is updated every four months. The data for the rental index is used from different sources taking into account a lot of factors, from the property location to a window view.

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