Dubai makes waves at London show

36 companies are exhibiting at the Dubai Property Show in London, attempting to attract international investors.

Dubai developers are busy making waves in London, reaching out to international investors, Gulf News reported.

Some of these developers are going further by sweetening their deals through incentives such as 0% agency fees and guaranteed returns, as well as offering up prelaunch prices on projects that have already had gone through an extensive sales phase here. One among their ranks, Texture Properties, is lining up free tickets to Dubai to those buyers at the show who put up 15% as down payment.

“At any exhibition, it boils down to the FSI (floor space index or net area used) ... our exhibition is housed on 3,800 square metres,” said Sunil Jaiswal — president of Sumansa Exhibitions, the organiser of Dubai Property Show.

“Initially we thought it will take us 50 exhibitors to fill the same, but as we launched we started to get inquiries from exhibitors and they were keen to have larger spaces. And it took only 36 companies to fill up the hall.”

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