Dubai resident’s reminder: 23 fines you may not be aware of

In freehold communities you may be fined for short-term letting, poor maintenance of your garden or your balcony misuse. Read how to avoid being fined.

When buying a new home in a new place, and especially in a new country, we not always may know what requirements we are automatically subjected to as a landlord or a tenant. Paraphrasing the saying — when in Dubai, do as Dubaians do. But what if we’re not quite aware what they “do”? Particularly, when it comes to residential communities. For that purpose there are community guidelines issued by master developers, or released by owners’ associations (OAs) to residents.

The Owners' Association is the administrative party that represents the link between the owners and relevant government departments, suppliers and the main developer of the building, where they are responsible for the management, operation, maintenance and repair of common areas in the building, thus having a right to impose fines and penalties for damage and misuse of these areas.

There are 23 categories of fines and penalties for different kinds of common areas misuse, poor management, endamagement and inappropriate activities ranging from Dh500 to Dh1,000. Thus, in order not to get into trouble being fined for what you weren’t aware of, it’s better to find it all about in advance with the requirements from developers and RERA.

Penalties and fines are listed in four major groups according to types of violations:

1. General violations (socially dangerous and hazardous activities, vandalism, noise, inadequate pet management, short term lease of your premises, stuff offence or hiring illegal stuff etc.);

2. The second category fines are imposed for damage and/or misuse of common and recreational areas (parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and gyms);

3. The third group summarizes the violations for which fines aren’t imposed directly, but they are reported to the relevant authorities, which then impose legal penalties. This category refers to illegal parking, blocking roads, speeding in the parking area and other violations of parking and traffic rules;

4. Finally, the fourth large group includes fines for poor home maintenance. One can be fined AED 1000 for a garden and landscape poor maintenance, for misuse of balconies, patios and terraces, as well as for changing the appearance of the building, etc.

Of course, when we are buying a home in a beautiful and comfortable residential community, we hardly have any intentions to break any local regulations (at least, if we know about them), but can the same be said of your tenants? Therefore, to avoid all these problems and not to get a whole bunch of unpaid fines out of the blue, it is better to entrust the management of your property to professionals. IMEX Real Estate offers property management service, which includes compliance with all rules and regulations. We will free you from a variety of other annoying problems, especially if the house in Dubai is no more than a foreign investment for you, difficult to manage from your home country.

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