Dubai to be transformed into an open-air museum

This concept will become a part of the city’s cultural transformation while expanding its urban infrastructure.

Dubai authorities and developers are going to start turning the "future city" into an open museum for contemporary art since March 2016.

This is how emirate's authorities are going to change the way people view Dubai — not only as a business and tourist center with a maximum number of the world’s tallest buildings, but also as the region’s cultural capital.

Saeed Mohammad Al Nabouda, Director General of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority explained that the concept of an open-air museum does not limit the connoisseurs of art and architecture with a single urban area, the whole of Dubai will be an interesting place to live and work in.

“It is an ongoing campaign so, as Dubai grows, the project will grow as well, and will be activated accordingly,” he said.

On the whole, Dubai authorities and developers pay much attention to the development of the cultural component at the emirate. Not only world's largest shopping and office centers, but also new museums and art galleries are being constructed here, including Museum of the Future which is to be situated in a 3-D printed building, a museum inside Dubai Frame and many other facilities, such as the world's tallest Ferris wheel Dubai Eye.

Brand Dubai, the program of rebranding the city’s appearance suggests that streets, squares and buildings in Dubai will become platforms for showcasing art works, paintings and installations. Dubai Culture and Arts Authority is already working with some developers such as wasl to meet this purpose. Samari Retail area is going to be the first such platform developed.

Dubai central areas such as Business Bay are also expected to see transformation with the construction of The Dubai Canal. In addition to the cultural function the abovementioned initiatives are also meant to enhance Dubai’s prestige due to which property prices in the "future city" and the emirate's attractiveness as the investment hub will keep increasing.

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