Dubai to host World Land Registration Congress

Dubai won the bid to host the 20th International Congress on real estate registration processes.

Dubai has once again confirmed its status as a regional center for the most important events in the various sectors, including the real estate industry. The most important event in the sector, the 20th World Land Registration Congress will be held in Dubai from 22 to 24 February.

The event dubbed ‘Cinder Dubai 2016’ will focus on smart registration in sustainable cities. ‘Smart Registration for a Smart City’ will be the main theme of the Congress. The Congress will bring together more than 500 guests from 50 countries. 50 speakers will present their views on 18 different up-to-date topics most important for the real estate industry.

Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of Dubai Land Department noted that the bid was a hard-won but fully deserved victory for the city. The Committee’s trust to Dubai as a decent location for hosting the Congress proves that Dubai managed to maintain high international standards in the field of housing market regulation. The emirate was selected due to its transparent registration processes, investor’s confidence and legislation certainty in the real estate domain.

“Dubai’s privileged geographical location, its beautiful surroundings and its high standards definitely helped to showcase its attractiveness as the ideal venue for this event,” Sultan Butti Bin Medzhren said.

The Congress will also help to demonstrate all the advantages, simplicity and clarity of the registration process in the field of real estate selling, buying and leasing to all investors and home buyers, and both to familiarize them with the legal and legislative aspects of the Dubai property market.

“Guests will be able to experience Dubai’s modern, contemporary ambience in all aspects of the real estate industry. Through this event, we wish to promote our achievements and rally support for our initiatives surrounding the specifics of international real estate registration law," Bin Mejren added.

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