'Emirate lacks high-end apartments'

Real estate developer Muraba is targeting investors looking for 'an address' - properties that offer a level of design, sophistication and more importantly lifestyle.
Dubai's property market is missing an important element according to one real estate developer that intends to capitalise on the gap, Zawya reported. Muraba believes the emirate is lacking in high-end apartments designed with the eventual occupants in mind, and its first project looks set to change Dubai's real estate dynamics.
"Many existing developments in Dubai have been built with a focus on returns rather than the experience of the end user," said Muraba founder, Ibrahim Al Ghurair. "At Muraba, we see things differently and we believe there is a place in Dubai for property designed with the end-user in mind; creating a contemporary living space with a sense of understated elegance that becomes identifiable as an address of distinction."
"There are investors in the world that look for properties that are out of the ordinary; that are 'an address'; that offer a level of design, sophistication and more importantly lifestyle,and that exceed the norm," said Mr. Al Ghurair. "It is my opinion that property of this calibre is lacking in Dubai and Muraba is set up to design and craft developments that fulfil this gap."
"Most apartment building designs start with the building itself; creating a shell into which the apartment layouts have to fit," he added. "We've approached it from the other way round; we asked the architects to look at the plot, its location, aspect and orientation and then start with the apartment design; optimising the design from the inside out, rather than creating a building shell and then fitting apartment units to that frame."

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