Eviction Notices Issued to Dubai Tenants a Month after Renting

A number of landlords in Dubai have issued notices to tenants after a month of signing the lease, asking them to vacate the apartments in a 12 month period.

It has been brought to the notice that number of landlords in Dubai are violating their terms of agreement and issuing tenants with a 12 month notice to vacate the through the public notary to vacate the apartment in order to be able to continue leasing their apartments at the competitive market rates, as reported by Emirates 24/7.

Real estate agents have acknowledged that a number of landlords have been adopting this course of action and issuing tenants a vacancy notice that they plan to sell their apartment after a month as this is the most expedient way to force out tenants. They landlords only have to pay a small amount of AED 500 to AED 800 for the notary, which they find insignificant in light of the competitive market prices that they can lease out their apartments.

The Senior Director of Real Estate Relations Regulatory Department, Real Estate Regulatory Agency – Dubai Land Department, Mohammed K. Bin Hammad said that the tenants can file a case against the landlord at the rent dispute settlement center in violation of the law, and claim reimbursement.

However, no cases so far have been reported where the tenant has made use of Article (26) of Law No (33) of 2008, which states that the landlord may not rent the property to another party before the end of two years from the date of the signing of the lease, unless the contract states otherwise and taken the case to the dispute center to ask for compensation from the landlords.

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