First 3-D-printed office opened in Dubai

It took only 17 days for Dubai real estate developers to complete the wholly printed office building in the world. Click to know how they did it, and what the miracle looks like.

Earlier has reported of the Dubai authorities’ intention to allocate the administration of the Museum of the Future in the first office building created using the 3-D-printing technology. But even with all the mundanity of Dubai’s craziest innovations in the field of construction the plan seemed to be quite utopic. However, the real office building entirely printed on printer is now already available to touch in Dubai.

There's a well known phrase attributed to Stanislavsky: “Theatre begins at the cloakroom.” If that’s true, then the Museum of the Future should begin with the concept not least impressive than all its contents. The museum's initiative to study the future of technology and innovation through creating a 250 square meter office located for now on the territory of the Emirates Towers complex was this concept.

It took 17 days to print the building components, and the installation at the site took just another two days. The building was literally printed on a 3-D-printer, it’s just that instead of ink a special mixture was used consisting of cement and a set of building material designed and made in the UAE and the United States. To ensure the building will be quite safe and reliable, the materials have undergone a range of tests in both China and the United Kingdom.

The printer measuring 20-feet high, 120-feet long and 40-feet wide was used for 3-D printing the building. And due to this technology method and automated robotic force it was possible to cut the labor cost by more than a half. In fact, one person is needed to control the entire process, while another seven workers helped installing the building components on site. The office will not only house the administration of the museum but will also have enough space for exhibitions, workshops, master classes and other events.

This building is another amazing example of Dubai's architecture of the future and the result of cooperation between Dubai authorities and WinSun Global company, as well as consultations with the leading engineers and architectural bureaus Gensler, Thornton Thomasetti and Syska Hennessy.

Thus, thanks to this project, Dubai has once again confirmed and cemented its status as the world capital of innovations and the "future city."

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