First 3D-printed office to be created in Dubai

First office building created with the help of 3D-printing technology will house Museum of the Future headquarters.

Dubai is living up to its name of the ‘world records’ capital’ thanks to the use of 3D-printing technology for constructing, Gulf News reports.

When it comes to the most fantastic real estate projects, the first city which always comes to mind is, of course, Dubai. Only here you can find underwater and floating villas, manmade islands, twisted highrises and gemstones-shaped houses, and, of course, only here almost all the world records in terms of area and height of manmade constructions are gathered together.

Therefore, yet another astounding project is of no surprise, when the press reports of the houses not actually built, but printed on the printer. Such innovative technology will be used to create the office of the Museum of the Future, which will open in the Emirates Towers area close to Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai as early as in 2017. Of course, the office will be not large for a start — it will accommodate a total of 16 people — and not permanent, but temporary, but it will fulfill its main purpose: to demonstrate future construction technologies in full size.

Until now, 3D-printing technology was used to create only small models of the future development projects, but recently it was suggested to use it for the construction of the bridge over one of the canals in Amsterdam. According to experts, the use of 3D-printing technology in full-scale property construction will reduce construction time by 70%, labor costs by 80%, and construction waste – by 60%.

The Chinese company WinSun Global, which offered the technology for printing office for the Museum of the Future in Dubai, presented it for the first time last year, when having printed, and then assembled 10 concrete houses in Shanghai.

According to Mohammed Al Gergawi, chairman of the National Innovation Committee, the introduction of such technologies in the construction will help Dubai take another step towards becoming the world capital of innovations.

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