Five new islands to be developed in The World Islands project in Dubai

From Utopia to a profit-luring investment project: The World archipelago will be expanded.

The seemingly utopian idea to gather all the world’s powerful and wealthy on a group of islands in the Persian Gulf in fact proved to be a successful investment project. Some time ago, in the midst of the crisis, only few believed that Kleindeinst Group, one of the largest developers of The World man-made archipelago in Dubai, will be able to fully realize their ambitious plans.

But now, drifting and floating Seahorse Villas start taking real shape, and of islands of project The Heart of Europe are being successfully sold one by one making the project eventually seem not so utopian, as in the beginning. Moreover, Kleindeinst Group did not plan to sell more than 50% of villas on six islands of The Heart of Europe project, but the demand was so intense that the developer decided to go for another project in The World.

What would it be, how much funds will be invested, all these details haven’t been disclosed yet, but it is revealed that the project will include five more islands under a historic for Dubai name of Pearl of Asia. And this happens despite the fact that the initial cost of developing The Heart of Europe had increased up to USD 1.5 billion over the use of the latest engineering solutions at the confluence of marine and civil construction fields.

Artificial man-made islands are one of the wonders Dubai can be deservedly proud of. The first batch of these were three archipelagoes developed in the form of palms: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, visible even from space. The World archipelago is a later and relatively recent decision made by Dubai’s government in relation to further development of artificial islands, but the emirate's authorities have even more ambitious plans for creation of another group of islands named The Universe.

Many people wonder, how those artificial islands are made, and whether any special problems arise because of such human’s intrusion into the natural landscape. Special clean sand from the sea bottom is used for making the islands, thus the only problem is a sufficient amount of sand for new islands development. Channels forming around the islands during their construction are then deepened, thus marine life there is not endangered: it is carefully preserved and, if necessary, transferred to another location, as it was done with a coral colony off the coast of The World. The problem of water stagnation has also been already decided though a special system of blades at the breakwaters which thus perform a dual function protecting the islands from the sea and purifying the water around them. As for the safety and the "lifetime" of the artificial islands, the scientists believe such islands may exist from 800 to 2000 years.

Therefore, for all the world's billionaires investing in real estate on the man-made islands in Dubai today it is no longer a question. Investors from China, Russia, the UK and other countries around the world have already snapped up a large number of islands and properties developed on them.

But if buying the whole island is yet not an option for you, you can start with a small investment in island’s property. IMEX Real Estate offers a variety of options for sale and for investments in Palm Jumeirah, from luxury villas and apartments to serviced hotel rooms generating rental income all year round. Balquis Kingdom of Sheba, The Grandeur, Kempinski, Viceroy and Signature Villas — Palm Jumeirah alone provides a wide choice of high-end quality housing, if you prefer ready-made properties.

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