Floating villas taking shape in Dubai

The first ever floating villa complex in The World near completion in Dubai.

Austrian developer Kleindienst Group is ready to present its first signature floating villas in the revolutionary project 'Floating Seahorse' in the man-made Dubai’s archipelago The World.

As of December 15 last year the developer has reached a significant progress in villas completion in dry docks. Kleindienst Group sent emails to potential villa buyers inviting them to visit the official ‘putting afloat’ of these hybrid specimens of contemporary design.

The entire process of the floating villas design and assembling takes place in the UAE. A series of Floating Seahorse villas will be placed above and underwater off the coast of the Heart of Europe islands, which form a part of The World archipelago.

Each of these amazing structures will weigh 188 tons and feature 269 square foot of underwater transparent glazing, so that residents could observe the life of a 495 sq ft coral garden "delivered" together with each villa.

Villas design provides three levels: underwater level, sea level and upper "deck", which in winter can be converted into an extra bedroom.

Real estate investors from around the world, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Seychelles, Sweden, Portugal and Norway have already showed great interest in this project. Villas will be used mainly for the tourism industry, while owners will be able to live in them for two weeks a year free of charge.

Besides the floating villas project, The Heart of Europe will include a flagship development on St. Petersburg Island scheduled for completion as early as in October 2016.

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