Heart-shaped St. Petersburg in the heart of Dubai

The developer of The World islands in Dubai decided to redesign The Heart of Europe project.

Austrian company Kleindienst Group developing The Heart of Europe on a group of man-made islands of The World archipelago in Dubai has decided to modify the central island of the project, named after Russian city of St. Petersburg.

In addition to St. Petersburg, The Heart of Europe complex also includes smaller islands named after Switzerland, Germany, Monaco and Sweden. Most of these islands have not yet been developed, but Kleindienst Group promises to deliver the whole project in October 2017.

Initially, under master plan drawn up several years ago, St. Petersburg had to include 30 beachfront villas, an arrival marina and the Tzar Hotel. But according to a recent statement by Kleindienst, it was decided to slightly modify the project giving the central island the shape of a heart. The new design was inspired by the smooth curves of the Maldives, the statement said.

Now, instead of the 30 beachfront villas St. Petersburg will house 40 unique floating villas with underwater levels. This floating villas set was named St Petersburg Tzar Edition. It will be the third phase of the fantastic Floating Seahorses project. Each of these unique structures weighs 188 tons and is a combination of a floating house and a bathyscaphe with a fascinating view of the coral reef underwater life.

“The island will be home to lagoons and lush tropical landscaping with Floating Seahorses connected via floating jetties. It will be home to St Petersburg-inspired hospitality including a café and restaurant, infinity pool and beach club,” the spokesman said.

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