How to get a luxury car for free in Dubai?

Developers know the answer: buy their luxury property units and get a car and a lot of other items for free.

The number of Dubai real estate developers seeking to lure buyers with attractive incentives is growing fast. The developer of the Sparkle Tower in Dubai Marina is giving a Bentley to the buyer of the penthouse.

It’s not a secret that much will have more, so it’s not a surprise that buying a penthouse in Dubai Marina can get you a luxury car for free. Some local developers are trying this way to motivate property investors who have adopted a wait and see strategy at the Dubai real estate market.

“The cost of the penthouse is Dh14 million and we are giving a Bentley with it,” said Tebyan Real Estate Development Managing Director Naji Alia.

It’s a two-storey duplex penthouse covering an area of 4,500 square feet. And the tower itself will a have a façade covered with thousands of hundreds of Swarowski crystals.

“The tower is almost 40 per cent complete and is sold 40 per cent. We aim to deliver it by December 2016,” Alia disclosed.

It should be noted though, that this is not the first time in Dubai, when developers try to attract buyers’ attention with a promise of certain benefits. Previously, even the largest Dubai’s property developer Damac Properties had announced that luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini and Aston Martin will be given to the buyers of its luxury property units in the central areas of Dubai.

Among other options to attract buyers there are furniture vouchers, home appliances, holiday packages for the whole family, and even the payment of 4% of the registration fee, which some developers have promised to take on.

Thus, today Dubai has plenty of real estate offers to get your wants and needs met.

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