How to sell your apartment in JBR or Dubai Marina in no time and for decent price?


Investment trusts and companies offer instant sale transactions for those, who can’t wait: read more.

Dubai real estate market at the current stage seems to have stopped in its steps at a crouch start expecting demand and activity curve together with prices to go up. Many analysts, including JLL consultancy, believe that this could happen no earlier than by the end of the year.

Therefore, many property owners thinking of entering the sales market took a wait-and-see strategy hoping to get a better price. But real estate market is a weakly predictable phenomenon, and waiting for this moment to come can take indefinitely long time period. But those property sellers, who need money right now and right here, can’t just put their units up for sale and wait for the announcement to work.

For such sellers there is an excellent way out. Many companies, real estate agencies, investment funds and trusts abundantly multiplying in Dubai today can buy out your home in a couple of days.

Sajwan S., the seller of a one bedroom apartment in JBR says: "I needed to sell my apartment in Dubai urgently. On a conventional basis, by ordinary means it would be too long to sit and wait for the interested buyer to come my way. So, I decided to turn to the RIF Fund via IMEX Real Estate to get money right away. I've heard that such schemes allow getting a maximum price under these conditions. And it worked. Already four days after the agreement was signed and the transaction closed, I’ve got my money in full. I think it's a perfect way to sell your property, if you need it fast."

Indeed, companies offering instant sales transactions, such as RIF Investment Fund, allow you to do everything almost at once: you receive all necessary papers for your transaction (including NOC Certificate) in a shortest time possible (just a few days), and then you get your money. However, such companies are usually interested in high-yielding investment options, i.e. in small-sized studios or 1 to 2 bedroom apartments in central Dubai areas.

As always, it’s location and the price, which affect the terms of selling a property in Dubai the most. These two factors are interrelated, and while affordable apartments in peripheral areas can be sold in a month or two, more prestigious units in JBR or Dubai Marina can wait for their new owners long enough, if you don’t want to give your property away at a bottom price.

IMEX Real Estate, representing the RIF Investment Fund, is pleased to provide you with our services and help you sell a studio or a small apartment in JBR or Dubai Marina fast and easy. Our experts will explain to you all the legal issues related to this type of real estate transaction and dispel all your doubts about whether such an option is reliable. In Dubai, all real estate sales transactions are protected by law, and if you deal with licensed registered companies with more than ten years of successful track record at the market, as in the case of IMEX Real Estate, then even a quick sale in a few days won’t get you in trouble.

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