Investors from 150 nationalities invested a total of USD 26 billion in Dubai’s real estate last year

Indians and GCC nationals are said to be the most active Dubai property buyers in 2015: DLD.

Real estate in the "future city" is still perceived as the most popular asset among investors from around the world, the annual report of the Dubai Land Department has revealed.

A total of 55,928 investors from around the world invested more than USD 26 billion in Dubai’s real estate in 2015. One third of all investments in the emirate’s property in 2015 was made by GCC nationals, while Emiratis accounted for more than half of that totalling USD 12.5 billion.

India’s investors were the most acive among foreign property buyers in Dubai — they have invested about USD 5 billion in local real estate in 2015, followed by Britts with around USD 2,5 billion of investments.

Sultan Butti Bin Merjen, director-general of DLD, said: “The sheer diversity of investors in Dubai’s real estate market is an overwhelming endorsement of the products we have to offer.

“Dubai enjoys an extremely high degree of acceptance from international investors because of its attributes and return on investment.

“We are reassured with the size of investments from UAE citizens, in addition to the enormous demand from our brothers in the GCC…which provides the market with a strong shield from seasonal fluctuations.”

Various data on the number of real estate transactions registered last year in Dubai also give ground for some optimism. According to various estimates, the volume of transactions and the total value of real estate sales in the "future city" increased by 8-24%, while the number of transactions increased by 33% compared to the previous 2014 year.

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