Lookup launched first service to search for off-plan property online

Dubai real estate portal Lookup launched a beta version of a search engine helping find all the UAE off-plan property for sale.

Now it got much easier to find all the possible options of the UAE off-plan property for sale: the country's popular Lookup web portal launched first online service to search for all ads of such real estate available in the market.

The service is now operating in the beta mode and initially will offer search among off-plan property sales propositions only in 40 residential communities in Dubai developed by such leading developers like Emaar, Damac and Dubai Properties. Later, the portal will be expanded, and will include not only direct offers from developers and not only in Dubai, but also offers in the secondary market, sold under the terms of payments plans, and property in all other emirates of the UAE.

"The Dubai market has witnessed about 120 new project launches in the last 24 months," said Eric Hodges, head of research at Lookup.

"Our Off-Plan Search Tool is built from scratch, using our own dedicated CRM so that we could create a better experience for the user. What this basically means is that users can clearly view and filter their search based on the down-payment they are ready to pay, the location they prefer or by year of completion," added Munawar Ali, Lookup's chief technology officer.

"Each listing clearly displays important information such as the exact payment-plan, closing procedures, track record of the developer and our own unique tagging system. All listings link back to our information database so our users can research potential investment opportunities like never before."

According to Lookup, off-plan housing market lately became very popular among property buyers, despite some slowdown in the housing market in Dubai as a whole. Among the main reasons for this Hodges named two main factors: extremely affordable prices and the most favorable payment plans offered by many developers.

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