Luxury apartments with car lifts to be constructed in Dubai

Damac announced super-luxury project to be built on the banks of the Dubai Canal.

None of the luxury market innovations goes unnoticed by Dubai luxury real estate developers. Why go down to the garage, when the car can be lifted directly to the apartment on a special elevator? That was the idea designers had in mind when creating a new super-luxury project named Aykon City for Dubai master developer Damac.

As has found out, a new type of luxury units with private elevators for cars will become a reality in Dubai by 2021, while off-plan sales at Aykon City are about to be launched in the nearest future.

Aykon City project will be a complex of six towers with total area of ​​nearly 4 million square feet located on Sheikh Zayed Road and overlooking the main Dubai’s new attraction, a man-made Dubai Canal. Two of the six towers, 80 and 63 floors in height, will house serviced hotel apartments, while another 65 storey tower will have office premises, and two 30 storey buildings at Aykon City will house super-luxury apartments with lifts for personal cars and other amenities typical for this property class.

The idea to lift the cars right into the apartment is not the first attempt of Dubai real estate developers to make the adored by many homeowners luxury cars a part of the interior and living space. As has reported, another project by Damac, Bugatti Villas complex includes a concept of a car placed in the center of the house in special glass car-parking bays. This way the developers are trying to merge the two passions of their customers — luxury cars and luxury housing.

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