'Market shows signs of sustainable, sensible growth'

At a panel discussion held recently, experts stressed the potential in the Dubai market to grow even further, when compared to other major international cities. The Dubai property market is showing signs of sensible and sustainable growth, with residential property continuing to be the most prominent sector. This was the consensus reached at a panel discussion organised by the Capital Club in collaboration with ENSHAA PSC.
According to a statement, the discussion saw panelists discussing the short to medium term situation in Dubai's property market and how there has been a shifting trend towards stability.
ENSHAA PSC CEO Raza Jafar remarked, "There is a great deal of potential in the Dubai market, especially when you consider its position in comparison to other major international cities. Dubai's importance as a global financial hub is well established and when combined with the strength of its infrastructure and the quality of projects being delivered in its property sector, it is clear that it compares very favourably to any other international hub, such as say New York, London, Shanghai, Singapore, or Sydney. At this point in time Dubai's property sector is still grossly under priced in comparison to its international counterparts, which means it has the capacity to still grow significantly in the long term. Dubai also provides excellent earning opportunities to its residents thanks to its taxation benefits, with the accompanying generation disposable income and hence people have opportunity to build up real estate assets over here."

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