Mini-Dubai in London: Emaar entices foreign investors with its new project in the Opera District

London’s Harrord's famous department store visitors will be first to see and buy unique ultra-luxury apartments in the Dubai’s Il Primo complex by Emaar.

In order to get the impression of the Dubai’s real estate in the details it’s no more necessary to come to Dubai master developers’ offices in the UAE. Interactive video display of Dubai and large scale models of new high-rises with the surrounding landscape from Emaar were recently presented to the visitors of the famous Harrod's department store in London. This way, Dubai developers try to expand the geography of their global presence on the world stage, and it is possible that London is just the beginning for the further expansion, as focus on foreign real estate investors is now one of the Dubai’s highest priorities.

Emaar has unveiled its latest project of unique ‘lateral’ apartments in Il Primo Tower. They are called lateral because all the rooms have breathtaking views of only one side of Dubai: the sparkling lights of Downtown, Burj Khalifa and the newly-built boat-shaped Dubai Opera House with surrounding areas and the unique Dubai Fountain. Although, these apartments occupy at least a half of each floor or the entire floor, as this is property of an ultra-luxury highest class.

The smallest apartment at the Il Primo complex with a floor area of ​​ 4,979 sq ft is being sold for £3.5 million (AED 17 m). In total, the building will have 119 apartments, the largest of which will have a living space area of ​​10,842 sq ft, with a balcony terrace of 708 sq ft. As far as all apartments at the Il Primo are positioned and planned as having great views, each apartment here has a glazed balcony, with even the smallest one having a 279 sq ft balcony, which is approximately equal to ​​a small studio floor area. All these is added to a full floor to ceiling glazing of all windows in all the apartments, in order to present spectacular views of this part of Dubai in the best light.

And with all these advantages Dubai luxury property has also the advantage of a competitive price, especially when compared to the similar London housing. Emaar sells its apartments at Il Primo complex for an average per square foot price of USD 650, while the cost of a similar property in London starts from USD 1967 - 4000 per square foot.

So, if you too, as well as potential Emaar’s buyers, are worried about currency fluctuations against the background of Brexit, it's time to pay attention to Dubai real estate investments. Take advantage of our Investment Guide for the right choice. Yours Sincerely, IMEX.

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