Move in now and pay later: buying Dubai’s property getting easier

Up to 10-year payment plans, and even guaranteed annual return on advance payments: what payment plans attract Dubai buyers, read in our article.

In the first quarter of 2016, 38 new real estate projects were launched in Dubai, with even more launches scheduled for the second half of the year. And all these residential developments can offer property without you having to seek a real pile of money for the start. Wide campaign by Dubai developers to introduce favorable payment plans aims to turn tenants into property owners.

It all started with a three-year payment plan, then the developers have started to offer a five-year payment plans, until finally the offer reached ten years of deferred payments.

Developer Nshama, which, according to its schedule, is going to deliver its first affordable development Town Square in 2017, is now selling apartments in Zahra Breeze cluster with 50:50 payment plan. That is, “Pay 50 per cent in two years and the balance in 10 years,” according to the company latest promotion. And in January 2016 the company decided to go a step further and offered a 70:30 payment plan.

Union Properties has also offered a seven-year payment plan in its Green Community West, while Danube Properties has decided to play its bets on a 1% cost of loan for payment plans in its Glitz development.

But, there are even more exclusive offers available for wealthy property buyers in Dubai’s luxury property world. Here, not only you can save some money when buying an off-plan apartment, but you also can earn a bit of it. For instance, Damac Properties guarantees its customers a 3% annual return on advance payments during construction, which is said to be twice the interest on fixed bank deposits. Besides, when buying luxury properties in Dubai, you can get something unexpected, like a supercar, for free, as has already mentioned previously.

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