'No rent hike without 90-day notice'

Tenants must be given a written notice of a rent hike at least 90 days in advance, says one legal expert. Tenants can take disputes to the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre. Landlords must give a minimum three-month notice before increasing rent, sent either by email or an informal letter, a legal expert has told Emirates 24/7.
“A landlord who wants to increase rent must give a three-month notice to their tenant. The notice does not have to be sent through the notary public, however.  It can be sent either by email or informal letter,” said Ludmila Yamalova, managing Partner, HPL Yamalova and Plewka JLT.
“It is important to have written evidence of the notice and to ensure that the rent increase is within the allowable increase percentage,” she adds.
In case of a dispute, tenants must file a complaint with Rental Dispute Settlement Centre.
In order to control the arbitrary rent increases, Dubai government released a new rent decree in December 2013. The Decree, No 43 of 2013 now sets a specific band for maximum rent increases that a landlord can demand at the time of renewing leases. The decree is applicable to private and public sector owned properties in Dubai, as well as within the free zones.

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