Palm Jumeirah villas can quench your every desire

Glass floors and infinity pools: what Dubai developers offer to make Palm Jumeirah villas look really unique.

Underwater hotels with views of the coral reef have already become a reality not only in the Maldives, but also in Dubai due to the Seahorse Villas project at The World manmade group of islands in Dubai. But this is no more than a transient pleasure, for the owners of these villas will be able to occupy their properties for only a short period of time in a year. But the opportunity to swim right under your own living room at almost any time of year is a much more attractive option.

And that's not all real estate developers in Dubai can offer their demanding customers, who want to buy a villa on the manmade archipelago visible even from space. Apart the very fact that Palm Jumeirah is the most exclusive and world famous group of manmade islands in the form of palm tree, Palm Jumeirah is also famous for all the latest architectural and design concepts real estate developers are trying to apply in construction in order to quench every desire of villa buyers. Among these concepts there are glass floors with a view of underwater life and infinity pools expanding to merge with all the lights sparkling at the Dubai skyline, and both private gardens non-inferior to the gardens of Babylon.

For those, who take interest in mythology, Palm Jumeirah has got all the luxury of ancient kingdoms almost perfectly recreated, like in Balqis Residence Kingdom of Sheba. The development offers 34 spacious villas with private gardens, swimming pools and great views of the sea. At Balqis Residence residents are provided with all the usual high-end hotel services from the Ifa Hotels and Resorts management company.

In case you’re more impressed by the enduring classics of English and European architecture, it is worth paying attention to luxurious villas managed by Kempinski. The quality of service and impeccable luxury management are the two pillars supporting the company's reliability.

These and other premium property units on a man-made island of Palm Jumeirah you can find among the wide range of the IMEX Real Estate offers. Spacious 500-800 sq m villas on Palm Jumeirah ​​are now offered for an average of $ 4 -5 m. But considering that this cost usually includes such privileges of modern civilization like your own private cinema, a rooftop swimming pool and the access to the sea together with all the advantages of a high-end resort service, any doubts will soon turn into confidence: Palm Jumeirah today is the best choice to buy a villa with a sea view.

Follow us to find out why Palm Jumeirah real estate sales did not fall even at times of crisis, and whether it is easy to sell a villa in the archipelago in case of urgency. IMEX will bring you all the details.

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