Palm Jumeirah will house 178 new luxury apartments

Man-made archipelago of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah keeps gradually being covered with exclusive hotels and elite residences.

All the "palm branches" shaping the group of artificial Palm Jumeirah islands in Dubai are gradually getting clustered with lucrative ‘fruits’ in the form of villas, palaces, residential and hotel complexes with the most expensive real estate in the entire Dubai.

Azizi Mina Hotel Apartments project launched recently by Azizi developer was no exception. The very name of the new development refers to the fact that residents of 178 fully furnished serviced apartments at the complex will be able to enjoy all the exclusive hotel services, starting with a chance to order unique dishes from the chef, and ending with casualties like dry cleaning services, transport services etc.

120 apartments in the complex will have one bedroom, and the rest will have two bedrooms each. And for the most demanding guests Azizi’s planned four penthouses in its Mina Hotel Apartments.

The completion of this facility is scheduled for 2018. According to the developer, the complex would be one of the largest properties and most distinctive to be situated on The Palm Jumeirah with a territory of 1,240 square meters.

Generally speaking, this type of real estate, namely, serviced hotel apartments, has long enjoyed a highest demand among investors because of the biggest dividends at a minimum cost and least problems with the property maintenance. These apartments wear and tear out not so fast being most often used as, actually, hotel rooms, and, respectively getting an adequate care from the management company, in case, of course, you choose a right managing company.

IMEX Real Estate offers a comprehensive range of services for all property types management, be it hospitality units or regular apartments for renting. Be sure your trust your property in good hands by choosing us, for Palm Jumeirah elite properties is actually one of the main segments IMEX specializes in.

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