Property offers for millionaires in Dubai: what to choose from

Having US $ 16 million at your disposal, you can buy a really unique premium property in the Dubai Le Rêve tower.

Despite the fact that demand for luxury real estate in Dubai is going down, such premium units as US $ 16 million apartment in Dubai Le Rêve Tower are never left underestimated.

41 floors of the 52-story tower have only two apartments per floor, and the remaining nine floors are penthouses each occupying a whole floor and with its own elevator for each apartment. These properties can be called truly unique options for multimillionaires: one such apartment recently was put up for sale in Le Rêve tower, the name of which in French means "The dream".

In addition to standard for such apartment amenities like two separate rooms for drivers at the back of the garage assigned to each of these apartments, they are also provided with five private parking spaces for guests, 24-hours personal concierge services and even such superfluities like gyms designed according to the projects by sports stars like a tennis player Roger Federer.

As for the internal filling of the apartment, almost 15,716 square feet of its whole space is given to 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 4 reception rooms, a private cinema and a study. The fact that the open terrace in the apartment provides a breathtaking view of Dubai from the bird's flight, and all the city's major attractions located in areas of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah manmade island are within sight, adds a lot to the appeal of this exclusive property.

As for the demand and the decline in prices for such housing recently reported by many market experts, Gregory Lewis from Knight Frank casts away this popular opinion: according to him, the demand for apartments in super-premium category does not depend on market fluctuations, and while Knight usually sells only one such unit in a month, this year it was selling, on average, two such apartments per month.

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