Rera says tenants being compelled by landlords to sign vacate letters is illegal

Dubai landlords have been forcing tenants to sign vacate letters to ensure that they evict their homes at the end of the one year contract, without giving them the option to renew their lease. Rera has termed this action as illegal and has asked tenants to file a complaint with the Rental Dispute Center if regulations are not followed. Dubai landlords are asking tenants to sign vacate letters along with the lease contract, which compels tenants to relinquish their apartments at the end of  the one- year contract without having the option to renew their  existing lease, an illegal practice  reports The National
Tenants say that forcing them to sign the undertaking is a way for landlords to get them to pay increased rents or vacate the apartments but landlords refute the claim by saying that it is only to protect their property.
The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera) has specified that in light of the property law, landlords are required to give tenants a 12 month eviction notice and that to with a solid reason like the landlord wishes to use the property for his or her personal use or sell it. Moreover, the senior director of Rera, Mohammad K bin Hammad, said that it is illegal for the landlords to ask their tenants to sign a vacate letter and an  eviction notice must be sent through a notary public or registered post. And if landlords fail to comply by the law, tenants have the right to submit a case at the Rental Dispute Center.
A large number of tenants in areas like Discovery Gardens, Silicone Oasis and International City have been impacted by the letters. Some tenants have declined to sign any such undertaking, while others have been coerced into it.
A landlord who owns properties in Silicon Oasis commented that the vacate letters were a way to ensure that tenants evict the property at the end of the year, as tenants want to continue leasing the property at low rents.

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