Return on investments in Dubai real estate guaranteed

Dubai developer Damac guarantees annual return on investments in real estate under construction.

Damac keeps attracting new investors with exclusive irresistible offers. This time the developer has expanded its guarantees list with a return on advance payments during the construction of its projects.

Buying property in Dubai is becoming easier, and guarantees get even more reliable. Now, potential investors do not need to worry about prices declines at the emirate’s housing market in the coming years. One of the largest Dubai developers Damac provides them with all possible guarantees. IMEX Real Estate keeps monitoring changes in the property market, and the latest news in this field was an offer from Damac to provide investors with a 3% guaranteed annual return on investments in real estate currently under construction until its delivery. Damac’s customers will receive payments twice a year until the completion of the selected project. According to estimates, this rate of return is twice the average rate for fixed bank deposits, thus investing in Dubai real estate is becoming the most profitable option for investments.

This is not the first guarantee for investors Damac has offered. As reported in late December last year, the developer offered guarantees of an 8% annual rent return for its property during the first three years after construction. And, also, the Damac Capital Guarantee was created in order to compensate the difference between the original property value and its capital cost two years after completion in case the unit’s price will drop below its delivery level cost.

Thus, Damac customers are insured against all possible risks, and the confidence the emirate’s master developers have in the Dubai’s housing market is also encouraging.

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