Safe haven status boosts investment scope

Stability in the Emirates means it attracts attention across the region in a range of sectors. However, one expert points out the ramifications  of rising inflation. Dubai has increasingly become a safe haven for people across the region to set up home and establish regional or global offices for their businesses, Khaleej Times reported.
However, one expert points out that the country does need to check inflation and rising cost of doing business for sustainable longer term growth.
Jahangir Aka, managing director, SEI Middle East, said, “I expect another great year for UAE in 2014 and the Expo 2020 win has taken this momentum further. My big concern on the UAE story though is unofficial inflation. The cost of living is rapidly rising again, and this means the cost of doing business from Dubai and the broader UAE is rising."
“Last time this started hurting businesses that looked for alternative locations from which to operate. Dubai and UAE need to maintain a very aggressive focus on remaining business and family friendly. This is no easy task given huge external factors, such as renewed regional and global interest in the real estate market, limited supply of quality schools, and let’s not forget traffic!”  
He added that in the UAE, investors can avail opportunities in key sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, aviation services, tourism and retail through direct and private investment as most of these services are being provided through unlisted companies.
“This is why there is so much excitement about the Emaar Hospitality listing,” he pointed out.
Aka added: “The emirate also plays the same role for many parts of Africa, South East Asia and Central Eastern Europe. In addition, it is a great tourism hub, major logistics centre with Emirates airline and Jebel Ali Free Zone.”

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