Second phase of 'No to Random Housing' campaign launched in Abu-Dhabi

Abu Dhabi municipality launched the second phase of the  ‘No to Random Housing’ campaign to ensure that each residential unit is dedicated to a family and no more than three individuals reside in one room. During the campaign, meticulous inspection will be carried out and violators will be punished, to free the city of congestion. The Abu-Dhabi municipality will be monitoring housing and enforcing rules during the second phase of its ‘No to Random Housing’ campaign, in order to prevent over-crowding in apartment complexes and villas, reports Emirates 24/7
The Emarat Al Youm report states that the according to the tenancy policies put in place by the municipality, only three individuals are allowed per room in apartment buildings. Moreover, it is illegal for landlords and tenants to rent out or use lounges and corridors in residential units for sleeping. On the other hand, the lease of partitioned units is only permissible with municipality’s permission and all housing units comprising of villas and apartments must be restricted to one family only.
The municipality announced that the campaign will continue till the first quarter of 2015 and is geared towards eradicating cramming in residential units and ensuring better living conditions.
The first phase of the campaign involved inspecting the occupancy condition in the city and issuing warnings to violators. During the second phase, the municipality will carry out meticulous checks and refer the violators for prosecution for non-compliance with the rules.
The campaign has been successful and the municipality has managed to inspect 90% of the congested areas in the city. Furthermore, the municipality has given 250 companies a strict warning over the violation of housing requirements for laborers, since last year.

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