Short term lease for your property gets easier in Dubai

Holiday home leasing and renting in Dubai gets easier due to new DTCM regulations and MoU signed between Dubai Tourism and Airbnb.

Having a property abroad, it is often quite difficult to understand all the local legal nuances. That’s why IMEX Real Estate provides its clients with all necessary legal advice, as well as property management services, and full and the most up-to-date information about the changes in legislation.

For example, last week, the Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), accepted new regulations to help real estate owners rent out their property in Dubai for a short periods of time. This kind of renting, which is called the holiday home, will be allowed to any individual landlord with a license easy to apply for and register online through the Dubai Tourism’s Online Permitting System.

Previously, the process of application and license approval for a short-term premises lease was difficult and took a lot of time with the obligatory involvement of a licensed tour operator. But now it all gets easier and faster, but not less safe.

“This not only lets us be more competitive as a tourism destination, but also speaks to our ability as government to drive demand led policy making and embrace innovation to further our proposition. Ultimately visitor experience is at the heart of initiatives undertaken by Dubai Tourism and this is one such example of how we continue to partner with the private and public sector to deliver against our destination promise,” said Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General, Dubai Tourism.

A Holiday Home in Dubai is regarded as such kind of furnished and fully equipped accommodation, which is rented as a whole unit on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis without signing an Ejari regulated tenancy agreement, but should be registered with DTCM.

In addition, the Dubai government has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbnb, the world's largest search portal for short-term accommodation options. Airbnb will also assist Dubai Tourism in preventing breaches of the regulation in order to promote responsible hosting and help grow and diversify tourism in the emirate.

“Airbnb is good news for Dubai. It helps grow and diversify tourism, increase consumer choice and will attract new guests to this exciting destination. This partnership with Dubai Tourism will combine the dynamism of Dubai with the passionate hosts who open their doors; creating rewarding travel experiences for guests,” said Olivier Gremillon, Managing Director of Airbnb.

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