Short-term lease in Dubai: norms and regulations

Under new rules, it is better to put homes in Dubai for holiday lease through the operator.

Many property owners in Dubai are wondering whether it is possible to put their property for lease as a hospitality unit, putting ads on popular web sites like airbnb. However, in this respect, the law in Dubai is quite clear and strict: short-term or so called ‘holiday’ lease in Dubai is allowed only for licensed operators.

To put property for lease a s a holiday home, an operator must get a license from the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and to obtain this license one should have more than 20 hospitality units in his portfolio.

Such strict regulations were introduced by Dubai authorities in order to ensure the quality of hospitality services to all tourists in the run-up to Expo 2020. The license guarantees that the accommodation will meet all the standards of safety, cleanliness, service, etc. However, the fact that regulators allowed to let private housing as hospitality holiday homes can be considered a step forward, since previously it was not allowed. The thing is that a great number of options for accommodating guests in emirate is needed, especially near the Expo 2020 site.

Last week, the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, said that to date, 37 operators have already registered in the Department, and the database of private property registered as holiday homes includes now more than 800 units.

Thus, in order not to run into problems, it is better to do all real estate transactions in Dubai with the help of licensed intermediaries. IMEX Real Estate is always ready to assist you in addressing these and other issues, including property management in Dubai, letting your property out and representing your interests where needed.

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