Smart construction first step towards smart cities

The UAE is taking steps in the right direction to creating smart cities and while the Expo 2020 is still a long way down the road, there is no reason that the nation can't start implementing better ICT solutions from now. Part of the UAE's vision is creating smart cities across the nation, especially with the Expo 2020 on the horizon.
Ahmad El Soufy, technical sales manager, UAE at Aruba Networks says that as the UAE ushers in this new era of advancement, much has been predicted and promised about the integration of ICT in every aspect of the completed city developments. There is however no reason why the benefits of technology cannot be leveraged much sooner than that - at the construction phase itself. In Dubai alone, the property and construction sector contributed 21% of the city's GDP growth in the first half of 2013[1], so clearly, employing technology to increase efficiency during construction could go a long way in streamlining operations and cutting costs.
The computing capabilities of mobile devices have advanced to a level that has made them capable of aiding the planning, designing, and building phases. But turning mobility into an effective tool requires not only computing power but also connectivity. And at job-sites, wired connections are not feasible and cellular networks are not always available. A strong case can therefore be made for developers to utilize Wi-Fi solutions. These are not only easy to install and manage, but are now also affordable and rugged enough to see deployment in harsh construction environments.
The UAE has an array of options to explore in order to create the smart cities that will help put the nation on the map forever.

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